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Optimal health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

Consultations for the below services are all available online via a secure telelink

(excluding therapeutic/reiki massage which are available in-clinic only)

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Complimentary discovery call 10-15 min | Free

We offer complimentary 10-15 minute video or phone chats to new clients. This is an opportunity for you to ask Beth questions, understand what to expect at your initial consultation & how she works, and to feel comfortable about booking your initial consultation. Finding the right practitioner, someone you resonate with is important - this is about making sure we are a good fit!


Naturopathy | Herbal Medicine | Holistic Nutrition

Initial Consultation

60 - 75 minutes | $145

What to expect... At the initial consultation we will discuss your key concerns/issues/symptoms. Additionally, we will explore your health history in detail as this provides insight into how all your body systems are functioning and underlying causes of your health concerns. Together we will devise a treatment plan, ensuring it is realistic and doable based on your existing lifestyle, energy levels, etc. It will be comprised of a number of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations and may incorporate herbal or other natural medicines indicated.


Naturopathy | Herbal Medicine | Holistic Nutrition

Follow up Consultation

30 - 45 minutes | $95

What to expect... This is where we evaluate your progress and adjust your treatment plan as you move towards enhanced health & wellbeing. Generally a minimum of 2 follow up consultations will be needed. Acute conditions are often resolved within a few visits, whereas addressing chronic health conditions generally involves a longer term partnership. Our aim is for you to experience continual improvements in how you feel as we work together addressing the root causes of your health concerns. Health is a journey as they say, and it is important to recognise this.


Naturopathy | Addressing dysfunctional breathing

Buteyko Breathing

Group Workshop

$395 | comprised of three 90 minute workshops, course materials & post phone/email support

What to expect... The Buteyko Breathing method is taught via a serious of three 90 minute group workshops, with homework and daily practice to improve breathing patterns. The breathing centre in the brain will, via neuroplasticity, adapt to functional breathing, improving your health now, and for the long term. Helpful for anyone with asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring, anxiety, reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. Beth is a  Buteyko Clinic International Accredited Practitioner & holds separate workshops for adults & children.  

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Naturopathy | Addressing dysfunctional breathing

Buteyko Breathing Method - One-on-one Training

$495 | comprised of three 60 minute individual consultations, course materials & phone/email support

What to expect... This option if for anyone who prefers to learn the Buteyko Breathing method individually, perhaps due to the difficulty of attending a group session. While it is still taught over a series of three sessions (60 minutes each), specific dates & times are be tailored to fit in with your specific schedule (evening & weekend options available). 


Naturopathy | Herbal Medicine

Acute Care Consultation

15 - 20 minutes | $60

What to expect... This is a 15-20 minute quick consultation focused on acute care. For example immune support to stop the first sign of a sore throat or cold in its tracks, or to expedite recovery at the onset of an upper respiratory tract infection.

Also a fantastic idea pre-overseas travel to ensure you have the perfect arsenal of travel supplements to enjoy your trip to the full.  Think immune support, anti-anxiety for your flight, or perhaps even some additional support for your liver & digestive function given some overindulgence might be on the cards.


Therapeutic / Relaxation Massage | Reiki

Therapeutic / Reiki Relaxation Massage

60 minutes | $110

90 minutes | $165

Deeply healing on all levels - mind, body & spirit...

A holistic & deeply nurturing massage, combining therapeutic massage strokes & techniques with Reiki, to leave you feeling deeply relaxed. Perfect for anyone dealing with physical muscle tension, and/or emotional/mental stress. Also the perfect gift for a loved one. 90 minutes allows for a greater focus on areas of tightness or where tension is held.