Buteyko Breathing Method

Breath your way to enhanced health & wellbeing

Beth, an International Accredited Practitioner of the Buteyko Breathing Method, first came across Buteyko breathing about 5 years ago; witnessing the incredible health benefits people experienced after attending a workshop. This got her attention & led her to study with the world’s leading Buteyko Breathing practitioner, Patrick McKeown & Mim Biem, one of Australia’s foremost breathing educators.

Beth is passionate about helping people overcome conditions including asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring, anxiety, panic attacks, reflux and irritable bowel syndrome by teaching them the Buteyko Breathing method. It is also a fantastic way to proactively maintain or enhance health & wellbeing, and athletic fitness.

Beth teaches Buteyko Breathing Method via appointment. One-on-one tuition is offered as well as groups of up to 10.  Workshops are taught via video/online sessions and via in-person/face-to-face sessions.

To find out more or to book a Buteyko Breathing Method Workshop contact Beth via:

beth@harmonyhealthclinic.co.nz or 

via WhatsApp +64 210 231 6913


What is the Buteyko Breathing Method?

"The perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing” Lao Tzu (circa 400BC)

Named after Russian medical researcher & doctor, Konstantin Buteyko, Buteyko Breathing is essentially, breathing retraining. Dysfunctional breathing is extremely common & has a huge negative impact on our health. Signs your breathing might be less than ideal include: mouth breathing, frequent yawning, sighing, sniffing, waking with a dry mouth and snoring. Conditions associated with dysfunctional breathing include: asthma, sinusitis, allergies, hayfever, chronically blocked nose, sleep apnoea, snoring, reflux, constipation or diarrhoea and anxiety. The way we breathe influences functioning of our airways, blood circulation and oxygen release to the cells. Both adults & children suffering from these conditions can be significantly helped by applying the Buteyko method.

What to expect at a Buteyko Breathing Workshop...

The Buteyko Breathing method is taught via a serious of three 90 minute group workshops, with homework and daily practice to improve breathing patterns. The breathing centre in the brain will, via neuroplasticity, adapt to functional breathing, improving your health now, and for the long term. Attending a workshop can be helpful for anyone with the below health challenges (additional information can be found by clicking on the below links): 

Online & face-to-face workshop series are via appointment. There is great flexibility in terms of the structure to work in with what is best for you depending on your health concerns, goals, schedule & lifestyle. 

To find out more or to book in for a workshop email Beth via beth@harmonyhealthclinic.co.nz 


Group workshops: $395 in total - this includes three 90-120 minute group workshop sessions, course materials & post-workshop support via phone/email as needed.

One-on-one tuition: $495 in total - this includes three 90 minute consultations, course materials & post-workshop support via phone/email as needed.